Steel punching

Punching steel is one of the core businesses of ITEQ Industries. With our knowledge and experience we will help you to a beautiful finished product. And of course we want to make a wide variety of products to different industries.

Punching steel with the right machines

For punching steel and laser cutting are at ITEQ Industries two machines present in the large machinery. The extensive possibilities within our machine can ITEQ punching steel to let all your requirements. You specify your wishes, we make the right product. Some features of our machines for punching steel:
◾ brush table prevents the scratching of the plate
◾ Automatic tapping and countersinking
◾ Different types of stamped parts and louvers possible
◾ Hole punching and laser cutting contours in one production process


Are you interested to make steel punching? Please contact ITEQ Industries. This can be done through the contact form. Prefer direct contact? Please call +31 (0) 33-455 44 44.

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