Processing Non-Ferrous Stainless Steel

Besides processing aluminum ITEQ also specialize in machining of stainless steel. For the operation of this we have a factory. In this factory non-ferrous materials processed strictly separated. Therefore we are suitable for jobs from the semiconductor industry and the agro-food sector. ITEQ Non-Ferrous is editing a professional in stainless steel.

Stainless steel processing factory

Our factory processes with workplace of 1100 square meters of stainless steel and other non-ferrous materials strictly separated. Therefore, we are perfectly equipped to process your stainless steel. In addition, we produce also include stainless steel welded assemblies and frames. Because we are doing this for years with great pleasure, we have gained a lot of experience. This means that we know enough about the coordination of projects, such as stainless steel processing. What does this mean for you? Quality and deadlines are our priorities.

ITEQ let processing Non-Ferrous Stainless Steel?

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