Professional in aluminum processing

Besides working metal, steel and non-ferrous materials ITEQ Industries also specializes in aluminum processing. With our welding robot, the operation can be performed accurately and fully customized. And that is just one of the techniques for high quality aluminum processing. So we do that ITEQ Industries.

Aluminum welding

In ITEQ Industries we use different welding techniques. So we have everything for MIG, TIG, spot and stud welding. With this, we provide highly accurate machining aluminum. Our production line combines all kinds of processes by which multiple operations can all be performed in the same production line. These processes consist of:
◾ Punches
◾ Laser cutting
◾ Making of deformations, stamped parts and small settlements

And all of these processes are integrated into one system. The automation of this makes for a better flow and higher output. All this leads to a combined process for aluminum machining is dependent on that few people.

Learn more about aluminum machining?

If we have made you curious, please do not hesitate to contact me. Our employees are on hand to answer your questions or to make an offer on.