ITEQ always takes the lead in investing in innovative production technologies. For example, ITEQ has one of the most modern sheet-metal production lines in Europe, where products are produced around the clock. Here, high product quality, high production capacity and high efficiency are the key.

All of the operations in a single production process

On the advanced production line, a single system integrates punching, laser cutting, embossing and bending. As a result, multiple operations can be realised in a single pass. This innovative production technique increases the ability to form and construct sheet-metal components.

Accurate dimensioning

The 3D product designs are the starting point when translating from CAD to CAM. The data concerning the three-dimensional final product are linked to the two-dimensional sheet blank. Products that have critical dimensions, with positions that, also after the bending process, must align exactly, can therefore be produced to the highest possible accuracy.

High output

Automation results in improved flow and increased output. Moreover, the production process is less dependent on the availability of personnel, enabling ITEQ to employ the flexibility of its organisation to the full.

Production partner for OEM

With its high-quality facilities and service, ITEQ is an interesting production partner for companies that make OEM components as well as for first- and second-tier suppliers to, among others, the machine and equipment construction sector and the semiconductor, electronics and medical industries.

ITEQ is ISO-9001 certified.