Your welding specialist is waiting for you

ITEQ Industries is your welding specialist. With 25 years experience we have gained a lot of knowledge. Also our equipment is extensive. We have several robotic welding configurations which are suitable for steel, stainless steel and aluminum. By using the most advanced CMT welding sources we can be very precise work and we uitegegroeid in recent years to a true welding specialist for all your welding.

Anything is possible

Through our modern and extensive machinery, we have several options to weld and may we call ourselves a welding specialist. Indeed we may practice the following welding techniques:
◾TIG welding
◾MIG welding

In addition to all this equipment, we have a 15 number of certified welders who can call themselves all welding specialist.

Do you lie still welding?

For all of the welding that needs to be done is ITEQ as welding specialist to help you. Take therefore quickly contact one of our employees. This will answer all your questions or give advice where necessary. Contact welding specialist ITEQ done via the contact page.