The DIN EN 15085 standard

In the field of welding ITEQ Industries certified company you can go for all your welding. Thanks to excellent training of our welders and the extensive knowledge they have, we have plenty of everything to ensure to meet the DIN EN 15085 standard. This is a lasnorm for the rail industry. ITEQ Industries is one of the few companies in the DIN EN 15085 standard will satisfy.

Certified welding

All our welders are certified and work with modern welding equipment and robots. We provide high quality welding both in TIG and MIG. These are steel, stainless steel and aluminum kept strictly separated. Would you like that spot and stud welding are used or ingeprest? Or just blind rivet nuts and rivet? Everything is possible ITEQ Industries. We have specialized staff, so you are assured of the highest quality with us. In Europe, only a select group of companies that the DIN EN 15085 certificate may conduct within Dutch and this is only a handful of companies. ITEQ is working hard to achieve this certification.

Additional Information

Are you looking for a company that can achieve very high-quality products for you? Or would you like to receive more information about the DIN EN 15085 standard? Please contact us, we are happy to talk and discuss the possibilities with you regarding your situation.

Din En 15085