Specialist machining non-ferrous materials

ITEQ Industries specializes in the machining of non-ferrous materials. We do not just happen. No, for the treatment of all non-ferrous materials, we have a separate factory. So we can provide customized solutions for a wide variety of offerings.

Nonferrous plant

In the non-ferrous factory stainless steel and other non-ferrous materials are processed separately. On the factory floor of 1100 square meters, all materials processed strictly separated. Whether you’re working in the semiconductor industry or in the agricultural or food sector, we can help you. We produce include:

◾RVS welded assemblies
◾Hoge quality frames
◾Plaatconstructies with highly accurate positional and shape tolerances

Overall, for the operation of all your non-ferrous materials, please contact us.

Interested in the processing of non-ferrous materials?

If you have questions or need advice, our staff are ready for you. We are happy to help and use our knowledge and experience to help you. In addition, we propose non-binding bids, because the finaciën also important. For this you can use the contact form on our contact page.