Specialist in sheet metal

Looking for a professional for your sheet metal? Then you’ve come to the right place ITEQ Industries. Combine with a branch in Southeast Asia, we the best of both worlds. Large series with high added value and a repetitive character we do in Vietnam. Smaller series with a high degree of automation we do in the Netherlands.

Machinery for Metal Forming

ITEQ Industries has an extensive and modern machinery. In our park all machines are available which you need for a professional display of sheet metal. Characteristics of ITEQ:
◾Product accuracy
◾Degree of reproducibility
◾Degree of automation
◾Service level

This ensures that the sheet metal is carried out in the right way and by professionals.

Learn more about sheet metal?

ITEQ Industries are ready to assist its customers. Therefore, you can also contact us for any questions. Or maybe you have no direct question, but if you want advice on sheet metal or anything else. Also, you only have to call. Our staff will answer your questions or help you on your way. Take therefore quickly contact us via the contact form or call +31 (0) 33-455 44 44.

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