Design / engineering

ITEQ Engineering arranges the product development of precision mechanical components, modules and coverings, from sketch to final product. Their knowledge and experience of sheet-metal construction techniques often allow the engineers to achieve cost benefits. Our customers can use this specific know-how in various ways in the design and engineering phases:


Even at the design stage, the ITEQ Engineering specialists participate in the development of a new product. This often concerns the design and dimensioning of mechanical components and structural parts from sheet metal and coverings. The ITEQ engineers have wide-ranging experience in designing sheet-metal components and are able, at an early stage, to take into account the possibilities offered in the production phase. Here, the aim is often to achieve the lowest cost price.

Preparing for production

For customers that have already developed their products, ITEQ Engineering offers the possibility of preparing their sheet-metal parts for production. Here the aim is to achieve the most efficient production method.


In many cases, re-engineering existing products, using the opportunities offered by present-day production facilities, often results in cost savings. A good example of this is re-engineering welded tube frames into structural moulded sheet metal.

The development and design of an initial idea

Customers often ask ITEQ Engineering to convert an idea or an initial design into a fully functional prototype. The purchase of plastic or other parts is also included in the development of the concept. For example, ITEQ Engineering realised the entire process of engineering and design of this parking meter. ITEQ arranged its production and final assembly.