Mounting and assembly of sheet metal

ITEQ Industries care of all your engineering and production. But also installs and executes ITEQ assembly of sheet metal completely. Our perfectly equipped assembly room we have everything for the assembly of sheet metal. We help you to complete high quality products.

ITEQ handles the installation and assembly

ITEQ Industries is not all your records, but also perform the assembly. Through our assembly area we have a wide range of possibilities. Of mechanistic assembly, for example, the final assembly of 19 “cabinets, up to and including electric fitting. And assembly of sheet metal to assembly of complete machines. So we can offer you what you need. With our experience you can assume that your wishes lead to a good product.


To learn more about the assembly of sheet metal, please visit the contact page. If the contact does fill you answer in touch with one of our staff who all your questions.