ITEQ Engineering

ITEQ Engineering focuses on developing, re-engineering, prototyping, and preparing machines, devices, and components for production. ITEQ Engineering is the extension of your organization for when you require new products or the optimization of existing products. This applies equally to projects and serial productions. We develop and manufacture all products in-house, which gives our customers advantages in terms of flexibility, quality, and convenience.

Your problem is our challenge!
• Industrial design
• Concepts
• Re-engineering
• Cost-engineering
• Prototyping
• CE marking
• 3D printing
• Rapid manufacturing
• Project management
• Turnkey solutions

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The experts at ITEQ Engineering are ready to assist you in the development of new products. Our services start in the initial design phase. With years of experience and industry knowledge, we take all of the production opportunities into account at an early stage. As a result, our customers can rely on the same contact for design, development, and prototyping.

We do more than designing alone, which makes ITEQ Engineering the perfect partner. ITEQ Engineering is committed to designing creative and innovative single parts and entire modules. We support our customers from initial idea to plug-and-play designs. This full-size partner concept focuses on customization, reliability, process and solution-orientation, and an equal relationship with our customers. Corporate social responsibility is a matter of course for our organization.